Dr. Packer has made a personal pledge to participate in a medical mission trip every year.  Without the support and patronage of our amazing patients he would not be able to be involved in these trips.  We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to help others who are less fortunate than us.

DR. PACKER AND LONE STAR EYE ARE DEDICATED TO PROVIDING EYECARE TO THOSE IN NEED LOCALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY.  DR. PACKER HAS participated in numerous programs for underprivileged families in the austin area for years.  More recently he has MADE A commitment to donate his services to families in need in less fortunate areas of the world through the Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) organization.  Check out the information below for more details on the people who he has helped thus far. 


"We all should have the same opportunities."

Austin, tExas 2016

dr. Packer was supposed to go to colombia on a trip this year but unfortunately the local rotary club he was coordinating with cancelled the trip unexpectedly.  In lieu of this Dr. Packer decided to spend the year volunteering in the physical education class at the Texas School for the blind and visually impaired (TSBVI).  Every week Dr. Packer assisted with students in various activities including bowling, weightlifting and even a mini-triathlon.


Lima, Peru 2015

Most recently Dr. Packer ventured south to Peru to volunteer with the canadian humanitarian group Voluntarios de Santa Cruz.  In total there were 3 doctors and numerous optometry students from all over the world.  There were even 4 students who traveled from France!  With the help of some local translators, the group was able to treat 2,854 patients in a span of 8 clinic days.  Many of these patients had been living with severe vision loss and received glasses for the first time.  The peruvian people could not have been more grateful and kind.  This is the eighth year that this group has visited Lima to set up this makeshift clinic.

Cuenca, Ecudaor

This medical mission trip was in the mountain town of Cuenca in Ecuador.  With support from the local rotary club, Dr. Packer and the canadian optometric volunteering grouP the voluntarios de santa cruz. treated 1400 patients in 4 clinic days.  The need in this area was astounding.  The geographic location of the city makes it more challenging for residents to find services such as eye care.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

This is dr. Packer's first trip with the voluntarios de santa cruz.  The patients that will be treated for this medical mission are from ecuador's largest city, Guayaquil.  the clinic was set up in an unfinished hospital in favelas outside of the city.  AS A WHOLE THE GROUP PROVIDED OCULAR CARE TO OVER 1500 PATIENTS IN 4 CLINIC DAYS.  Every morning there were 500+ people waiting patiently to be treated by our team of doctors.  


Lone Star Eye collects and donates your unwanted glasses to the Austin Lion's Club who then distribute them to people in need



Dr. Packer annually donates money to provide braille textbooks to students through the Austin Council of the blind