Monument's Men (3.5 out of 5)

Well, I was very excited to see this movie and not just because George Clooney or Matt Damon was in it. (Don't expect to see the typical banter you expect between these two)

First off, I am a historical art collector and have read and seen a lot of documentaries about the Nazi looting of the museums and private collections of Europe. It is hard to believe that the Nazi's were able to confiscate over 5 million items, but the fact is.....they did!

The movie does a relatively good job of why protecting art from the Nazi regime was important but even with a great cast, it was a very difficult believing the personalities of the people who did the protecting.

The one and only person who did an excellent job in her role was Cate Blanchett. (Of course, she is always great in any role she plays)

I recommend seeing the movie just to put in perspective the magnitude of how much art was originally stolen and the efficient way they went about it.